From the need to clean up the earth, JunkBunnies arrived. Such theory is solely based on a Human’s need to throw out the old, and a JunkBunnies natural love of Junk, but, alike speculation over human beginnings, no JunkBunny is certain of their own bistory (bunny history). However, some JunkBunnies have concluded there was a bunny zero that created the grand machine they were all built from. No JunkBunny knows whether Bunny Zero got the algorithm wrong or whether mixing up the nine pure builds was a deliberate endeavour to create a wonderfully diverse bunch of creatures. But who created Bunny Zero? Such question has lead other JunkBunnies to believe divine magic was involved in their creation. If Bunny Zero can exist, then why can’t all JunkBunnies exist as per the same magic? And recently, some JunkBunnies have concluded they’re living in the Matrix. The Bunnies are divided, but the only thing they wish to conquer, are the Junkyards.


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